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Glasklasen, The Glass Cluster, is a chandelier and at the same time a repository for drinking-glasses with stems, either with all glasses alike or of various combinations and colours.
The chandelier is adapted to fit over a dining table, a bar or in a window-recess, in public environments as well as in private homes. With a clear bulb, e.g. a carbon-filament lamp, Glasklasen will provide a pleasant lighting where reflections from the glasses creates lights and patterns on surrounding surfaces in the room.

Glasklasen is a genuine product of Swedish art industry, designed by a team of two architects - Gunnar Cedervall and Björn Stillefors - and an industrial designer - Jörgen Pudeck. The manufacturing takes place in Sweden, at a smithy dating from 1840.

The glasses in the chandeliers are intended to be used and then replaced in the chandelier after being washed. Glasklasen, including the rod of standard length, is adapted to fit over a dining table in a room with a height of 2.40 m (94.5 in).

The Glass Clusters are made of steel, are wired to EU standards and comes primarely in two sizes; The Glass Cluster 40 glasses and The Small Cluster 16 glasses which both are kept in stock and are available in three different surface treatments; black lacquered, clear lacquered and chromium-plated, see photo.
There is also two other models: The Light Cluster; a 16-glasses version with a tea light holder instead of electric fitting. This one comes in black lacquered steel only, and has a chain extension.
The Big Cluster 76 glasses; always made to order, has two rods and comes only in black lacquered steel.

When The Class Cluster is to be placed in a room with a different height of ceiling or when there are other conditions, we offer custom made rods of desired length.

• For the US market and other countries with other wiring specifics than the EU standards:
We carry a US version without wiring and with no electric parts enclosed. This version is prepared for wiring which is easily mounted by an electrician. The US version is also different at the top part. Please see our information sheets.

Information sheet: